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Hi, my name is Maggie. I’m the author, editor, photographer and webmaster behind Omnivore’s Cookbook.Here at Omnivore’s Cookbook, we share Chinese and Asian inspired recipes. We are aiming to deliver delicious, healthy and reliable recipes that you can easily cook at home. If you’re not familiar with Chinese or Asian cooking, no worries! For most of the recipes, we provide step-by-step instructional pictures and videos to help beginners to gain confidence in the kitchen. You can also find a list of basic condiments for Asian cooking on my pantry page.Are the Chinese recipes on our blog authentic? Yes and no.We do share some very indigenous recipes here, for example, the cucumber salad and Chinese style bok choy. There are even some very hardcore recipes like the braised pig’s feet. However, it’s really difficult to define the word “authentic”. Food culture and dining habits are evolving continuously, especially with the fast pace of globalization.Chinese people borrow Western ideas and ingredients to create dishes that we consider local, like the braised coca-cola chicken and fried pork chops. Some of the Chinese cooking techniques are so versatile that they can be utilized to create new dishes, like this sweet and sour tofu. Some of the dishes were brought overseas by Chinese immigrants and then gained popularity. For example, lemon chicken is very popular in the US, but you cannot find it on the menu at local restaurant in China.However, they do share one common characteristic – they are all super yummy!At Omnivore’s Cookbook, we won’t be too obsessed with cooking “authentically”. We are trying to combine all sorts of Asian cooking methods and ingredients to create recipes that can be easily followed and carried out. Our number one goal is to offer you more delicious options for your daily meals!